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What;s Up with My Mob? DVD will address the following;


  • What transgenerational trauma is

  • How trauma effected each generation since colonisation,

  • How trauma continues to affect our families in today’s environment,

  • What can be done to address the current issues that are direct results from the effects of transgenerational trauma.

What's Up with My Mob?  





Spirit Dreaming and the

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Healing Foundation

sincerely thanks goes to the everyone who contributed to filming of this DVD,

for their wisdom and their courage in sharing their knowledge with all of us,

as they are already on their journey of healing and self-discovery –

These are our role models, our mentors and future leaders.






Bilyana Broomley

Greg Telford

Joyce Graham

Haley Hoolihan

Leanne Phillips

Nancy Walke

Nicole Mercer

Nicoline Schor

Mel Brown

Yahndi Schepsis

Lyle Swan


Each contributor to this DVD hopes that by shaing our stories we can all better understand the complex and sensitive nature of transgenerational trauma, and can create for ourselves a life of emotional and spiritual happiness





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